bee collecting pollen on purple coneflower

#PlantWildflowers with Oldham County Public Library!

Feb 18, 2022

Oldham County Public Library has been selected to participate in the national #PlantWildflowers initiative!

Garden ecology, pollinator biodiversity, and the role of native plant species are at the center of a blossoming nationwide initiative to support ecosystem health from the ground up. Pollinators, like native wild bees are essential players in the success and health of local ecosystems – but are far too often ignored (or feared). Instead, they should be celebrated and supported as exceptional, hard-working species crucial to a thriving natural world.

To that end, and in celebration of the new documentary, "My Garden of a Thousand Bees", HHMI Tangled Bank Studios and PBS Nature are launching #PlantWildflowers, a nationwide education and action initiative to highlight pollinator diversity and spark local efforts to support wild pollinators. The effort is being undertaken in association with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Air Wick Scented Oils (whose One Square Foot initiative aims to replant one billion square feet of grasslands in the Northern Great Plains). The goal is to get people all over the country to plant their own one square foot of native wildflowers.

Across the US and Canada, libraries are joining to host localized pollinator celebration events that will build community collaborations, highlight the crucial role bees and other pollinators play, and give local individuals the opportunity to support local pollinators by planting native wildflowers.

This initiative kicks-off in Oldham County on March 31st at 5:00 at the LaGrange Library. The community is invited to view the documentary “My Garden of a Thousand Bees”, meet the local project partners, and learn more about how to get involved. This is a family-friendly event. 

Kick-off Event