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Thank you for volunteering to participate in this year’s annual Boo Dell Halloween Festival at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. Boo Dell will be held this Saturday, October 25, from 11am-3pm. Please encourage your members and employees to come out with their families for a fright-free and enjoyable Halloween celebration!

Remember to gather any materials and/or costumes for setting up your trick-or-treat station on the grounds, and bring plenty of goodies for the children.

Logistics for the day:

  • Bring candy for ~800 kids
  • Set up begins at 9am
  • Wait for Yew Dell golf cart to drive you to your table from the parking lot
  • Trick-or-treating begins at 11am
  • Be prepared to stay until 2pm (no early departures, please)
  • We will have a golf cart to assist you to your vehicle at 2pm


Food trucks will be on site for lunch, and we plan to forge on, rain or shine.

Remember that our audience is on the younger side, and we do not want to encourage any nightmares.  (Keep the creepy to a minimum, please.)

Boo Dell’s primary purpose is to provide a safe and enjoyable Halloween affair for children.  If you would like to promote your business, you are welcome to hand out literature or give-a-ways.  We request that you do not sell merchandise or solicit information from visitors.

Map of Yew Dell Gardens